The beginning…

Realizing our full potential is a process.  It is a lifelong challenge.

I remember the moment I felt the most powerful stirrings of my awakening.  I was walking through Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon and saw a book on a sale shelf.  It was “The Dance of the Dissident Daughter” by Sue Monk Kidd.  The words triggered something in me.  Dance.  Dissident Daughter.  What power in those words!  The image on the front of the book is the other part of what drew me in.  This tree, shrouded in fog, spoke to me.

Prior to this, I felt a restlessness in my soul, but this book began my journey in earnest.  For the first time, I felt that there were women who had gone before me and found their way to the other side.  For the first time, I felt that there might be hope on the other side of this tunnel.  It was scary but exhilarating at the same time and I felt the shift in my life.  I knew something was changing but I didn’t know what might be in store for me after I took this monumental step.

What provided me with hope and courage is that there are women who have gone before us.  These women carry the lights that show us the way.  We each have our own path, but we know that there is hope.  And we are not alone on our journey.


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