Personal Development and the Power of Vision Boards

* Update: I wanted to share my current vision board with you and commit to taking one step each day (however small it may be) to realize my goals.

vision board 2014

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve made vision boarding part of my intentional living efforts.  Vision boards are a visual (and personal) collection of images and words that help inspire you, remind you of your goals, and motivate you to live your best life.  As part of my vision boarding process, I start by identifying what my ideal life looks like and then create a vision board inspired by my ideal life.

I was approached by our university to lead a session during our new student welcome week on the topic of personal development and global leadership.  Thinking about how new college students might be most engaged by personal development, I decided to lead a session on vision boarding (modified to fit the context).

I am so excited about this session!  The students will have the opportunity to learn about positive peace, be inspired by global leaders, identify their own passions, think through some concrete goals/action steps, and then create a vision board to take home with them.  The process of looking internally and then pulling out ways to externally apply that internal energy is a powerful one.  I am hoping that they will feel as inspired and passionate about their own vision boards as I do about mine.

Have you ever created a vision board?  If so, what creative process do you find most effective?


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