Doing more only to do less – do we glorify busy?

I think I need to restructure my day…

Campari and Sofa

Stop the glorification of busy. My friend Gavin was telling me about a conversation he had with some Dutch colleagues. Gavin, and his compadre Georgina, find that the sheer volume of work they are confronted with on a weekly basis is just un-doable within the confines of a normal 8-hour work day. So they regularly put in 10-hour days at the office. And another couple of hours at home picking up emails. This causes all sorts of problems: they’re tired all the time, their spouses feel ignored, they don’t want to go out at night or over the weekend and they lose touch with friends.

Hmmfff…”, said their pals, “In Holland, if you were to work like that we would think you were not coping.”

“Am I”, he wondered, “not coping? Or am I doing more than I should? And if I am doing more than I should –  what should I stop doing? And…

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Bringing Our Visions to Life

Maybe it’s the change in seasons or maybe it’s general discontent, but I’ve been feeling a bit burned out lately.  I feel like I have so much potential creative energy in me, but I am so tired and that creative energy seems to be somewhat trapped.

I work a full-time job that requires me to be very present for others.  I am very fortunate and I enjoy my work, but I have my own projects and goals that I would like to realize.  At the end of the day (or week) when the majority of my energy has been spent mentoring, advising, and bringing another person’s vision to life, it’s so hard to tap into that creative energy yet again and bring your own vision to life.

Making time for yoga, meditation/visualization, and a glass (or two) of wine is all I think I can manage some weeks.  I will also admit that I zone out in front of the TV more often than I should.  I recently read that you’re most energetic and at your mental peak in the morning.  So many people recommend getting up early and starting to work on your own projects in the morning, before you spend your energy on projects for someone else.

Confession: I am not a morning person.  At all.  My partner has strange hours and evenings are our best bet for crossing paths and spending some quality time together.  This means that I usually stay up later than I should.  I set two alarms with three snoozes each, have at least two cups of coffee before I feel human, and am always running late for work.  Mornings are not my best time.

I updated my last post about vision boards to share my current vision board with you and commit to taking one step each day (however small it may be) to realize my goals.  If I’m committed to my ideal life and working to bring my passions to life, I think I should at least try to change up my habits a little bit and take a more proactive approach to creating this reality.  One change I will implement is to limit my TV time.  Real Housewives of Atlanta is on a break now, so the new limits on TV should be a little easier for me to get used to.  I’m also thinking of giving this “getting up early” thing a shot.  I will let you know how each of my schedule changes go.

What about you?  When you’re trying to unleash your creative energy and realize your ideal life, what works best for you?  How do you motivate yourself?  What amazing life hacks should I be implementing?