What You Seek is Seeking You!! By Megan Walsh

I really like this author’s approach…if you’re interested in integrating meditation into your life, find a meditation practice that works for you!

Seek Your Bliss


Have you ever tried to meditate? To sit quietly, calmly, letting your mind go, thinking about nothing…sounds deceptively easy right yet is surprisingly hard. Well I have tried it, over and over and over again….getting to the place of nothingness for what feels like minutes yet is probably seconds…only to bring myself out of it by thinking “yes, i’m there! I’m not thinking about anything, I’m connecting…oh shit, here I am again, thinking!”  So then days or months would go by before I would “sit and try” again…I felt I needed it, craved it in fact. I tried not to beat myself up b/c it is after all called a meditation practice right?

Then I was convinced to try fly fishing by two different elderly men (just by them talking about it) and yes I found it again…I found that connection, that quietness and presence! I had only even…

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