Fear is Sticky

Here’s to making bold and love-based decisions in 2015!

e. f. Brave

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying a magnificent holiday.

‘Tis the season and the year to evaluate decisions of the past and goals for the future. This mid-life crisis keeps roaring along!

If I could impart any advice to you lovely twentysomethings, it would be not to make decisions based on fear. In my own life, fear-based decisions have left me feeling very stuck.

Now, I am not talking about risky outdoor adventuring and the like. Fear can certainly serve a useful purpose in preventing bodily damage! Here’s what I mean…

Let’s see, there is the omnipresent fear of failure, followed by the fear of not being good enough, the fear of disappointing others, and the list goes on. When I look back on these fears now, I think, who cares?

I opted for a career in medicine for fear I could not be successful as a writer. Fear of…

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