In Praise of My Female Friends

There is an interesting and wonderful pattern in my life; I am surrounded with incredible women.  Having moved quite frequently over the years, I have faced that frightening prospect of making new friends as a professional adult.  Somehow, in each place I’ve lived, I have managed to befriend some of the most interesting, accomplished, hilarious, strong, kind, and thoughtful women.  My female friends make me laugh till I cry, they challenge me to be a better person, they inspire me to make a positive change in the world, and they remind me of the power that women have when we come together.

Regardless of the reason we come together  (whether it’s dinner, spirituality, philanthropy, happy hour, or work), each woman brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives that benefit everyone involved.  And no matter what country we call home, female friendships and connections illuminate the commonalities between us and humanize us to the other.

The universe has been kind to me.  There is no shortage of amazing women in the world and I have been fortunate enough to build extraordinary friendships in my life.  My friends are my family and I feel honored to call these women my sisters.

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