The Key To A Loving Relationship

Stay with me for just bit on this one: “We’re born alone…and we die alone” (paraphrasing Orson Welles). When I say this to people they sometimes look at me like I’m being a bit dark or depressing. But what I mean when I say this is that the only person we have from the very first day to the very last day of our lives is ourselves. We walk our path, sometimes with one person, sometimes with another, but we are the constant.

This post speaks to me not just of being open to romantic love, but of being open to happiness in our lives. Creating that positive bond with our inner self can lead to a life of fulfillment (whatever form our lives take). What a great reminder that before we can be happy with someone else, we need to be happy with ourselves.

The Truth Warrior


Most people, myself included, want to create a loving and fulfilling relationship in our lives. A relationship that is healthy, authentic, with mutual love and respect for each other. A loving healthy relationship can be one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. I have had the wonderful experience of being in love on four different occasions. I feel blessed to have experienced this.

I am currently single and I was reflecting the other day on what is the best way to attract another loving relationship into my life. The answer that I came up with was, to have a loving and authentic relationship with myself. I feel that is so true. It is impossible to have a loving honest relationship with somebody else unless we first choose to have one with ourselves. This really is the first step in creating that loving relationship in our lives.


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